The New Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia recognises the cost, delay and uncertainty of becoming “entrenched in the system”:

“The First Court event is to take place within 6-8 weeks of filing. Parties should be at mediation or dispute resolution within 5 -6 months of filing before they have spent too much money on costs and have become too entrenched in the system.” (emphasis added)

You can put an end to uncertainty and the risk of becoming entrenched in the system within days of commencing the alternative dispute resolution process here at Mediator Hub .  Why not try to reach a mutual resolution, develop your own parental plans and apply for consent orders.  Your children’s and your well-being is worth it!

Read more about the commencement of the New Federal Court and Family Court of Australia on 1 September 2021 in the outline below:

The New Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia